Studio Forge was founded by two visionary women, Manjuriya Palanisamy and Durga
Rajasekar, Who shared a passion for empowering businesses through strategic business
and branding solutions. Combining Manju’s expertise in business strategies and Durga’s
creative flair in branding, they set out to create an agency that would redefine the industry.
Their commitment to customization led them to deeply understand each client’s unique
needs and craft personalized plans that surpassed expectations. With an agile monthly
planning approach, they ensured their strategies stayed ahead of evolving market dynamics.
Studio Forge’s niche focus in a specific category allowed them to develop specialized
expertise and deliver targeted solutions. Their results-oriented approach ensured that every
investment made by clients yielded substantial returns. Today, Studio Forge continues to
make a remarkable impact, guided by the visionary leadership of Manju and Durga, and
driven by their founding principles of customization, agility, niche expertise, and
transformative results.

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